To have someone in your life whom you have always wanted to be in your life it’s your fortune. But if not so what one can do? 

I don’t have the answer to it but the only thing which I can do from all my heart is to worship God. I want someone for you who can be there for you throughout​ your life, no matter the situations.. 

That one person who can heal you from within because I know no matter how hard you try to show it to the world that you are happy and perfectly alright, probably you are trying to fool yourself not the world. But you are not healed yet. 

I want someone special for you who can act as a Magic wand for you,  who can love you unconditionally, who can support you in all circumstances, who can be as pure and spiritual from Soul just as you are, whose life goal must be just to keep you Happy, loved and satisfied throughout the Life,who can take care of your emotional and physical health, who can be your mind reader and can keep you happy all the time and most importantly who can heal all your wounds and makes sure that you never get hurt anymore.. 

Maybe for the first time in life I am praying to God so hard for someone that I never realized that someone can become so important to us that we want for them nothing but the Happiness for the entire life..