New Year 2017 is almost here.. One day to go.. Count down has begun..  So many thoughts are coming in my mind when thinking for this TRANSITION PHASE. 

I am having both the feelings at the same time. When I see for the future 2017 I am having a feeling as if my life is going to start a new chapter, life is going to take a big turn and probably The Right Turn.. As if life is telling me to leave everything behind and see and be ready for the new good things coming up.. As if it’s giving me a chance to Rejuvenate..  And at the same time when I look back in the memories it feels as if something is being left behind, as if I want to take all those good things along in this new year,  but then I realize that time has gone, things which were used to be my present has become my past now and I can live it again in my memories only.. Still somehow my heart is telling my mind to have that unrealistic and illogical hope that I can still carry somethings from the past.. But hope that at the end My mind will make My heart to see reality..

Probably every life transitions leave such kind of mixed feelings,  where you are happy and sad at the same time..