So many times people say that to really understand a woman is a difficult task.. Yet they don’t see that it’s not impossible rather.. People find it hard when they are not able to figure out her emotional status.. Most of the time it is assumed that what she is behaving or what she is saying at the very moment is her real impression.. In other words a Woman is Judged quickly.. But  generally people don’t want to see through her emotional condition.. For what reasons she is behaving like this, under what circumstances she is saying the things..And this is the most important part  which needs to be drawn attention, which generally people don’t do and that’s why they find it difficult to really know a Woman..

A woman is very sensitive by nature.. And she is not only sensitive to her self but also sensitive for her surroundings also, for people who are included in her small world.. And this sensitivity is present in all type of women be it Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert.. It’s just the matter of expressing her sensitive nature..  A woman with extrovert nature would express whatever she feels to the other person, whereas an introvert may open up her feelings to only whom she trusts or she has accepted them as her world or she may not say anything to anyone because she feels inferior, and an Ambivert shares her feelings but only selective, only the ones which she finds comfortable to discuss about..

But beyond this categorization, if one really wants to know a woman one should first try to understand her emotional status, try to look for her natural behavior, how she reacts in normal conditions and how she behaves in critical conditions.. If a woman is being mad at you or if she is being irritated on you, not all the time the reason is you.. No matter if  a woman is Home maker or Working Professional both have their own routines, their own struggles and their own conflicts.. And both have their personal life too.

All she needs is to be loved, to be hold, to be cared in every situations of life.. when the circumstances are not going the way she wants, be it her personal relationships or professional life, when she is upset she may shout, scream, cry even on little things which may even not have that much of importance, because she is irritated, frustrated or may be even depressed over certain issues..

At that time rather than being judgmental try to find out first the root cause, not immediately but gradually, and at the very moment one should first try to let her do what she wants to do, if she wants sometime alone let her, if she wants to be outside home let her ( if possible try to look after her with a distance ), if she wants your shoulder to cry upon let her, if she wants to just listen to her, let her..  Because behaving the same way with her when she is behaving differently due to her own problems, may eventually make her to move away from you, because in her subconscious mind she will notice your behavior when she needed you the most and you acted opposite, even she her self may not now that she is actually capturing all these into her mind because it is subconscious activity. And if such things are repeated then the chances also increases..

So, all one can do is first know what she expects from you or from relationship or what are her ambitions for life, then try to know her present emotional condition, make her comfortable by winning her trust and being loyal to her, so that she could open up her feelings and could explain exactly what is happening to her and what she wants.. Make her realize that to whom she wants to tell everything is supportive, caring and loving not only by words but also by actions.. Because all she needs is your emotional support at that time..

Sometimes it may sound hard but never impossible if someone really wants to..