When it comes to make a decision, you have two options to consider i.e. to hold on to something or to let it go.. It becomes tough to decide which one is Right.. Because both the options have their own importance.. Some say hold on to it until you get it and some say let it go..

For once if holding on to something  is related to material things then chasing or trying hard can work, but what if it involves HUMANS, their emotions? What if it involves relations? How valid is it to hold on to it if the other person is not willing?

After putting all your efforts, trying to keep things flow smoothly, if you find that the other person is not Happy with it, you find that relation is suffocating for the other person, it’s not fulfilling the other person’s expectations , at that time what would be the best for them? Should we keep on trying to make everything sorted and fulfilling, with having a hope that everything will be alright at the end and your efforts will show its best results? Or To let everything go, so that the other person can live a better life, can breathe freely, can enjoy life and doesn’t feel bounded? Because hoping for everything will be alright in the end, is related to Time,  at what time, how long it will take, and when that ‘ Happy End ‘ will come? We don’t know, specially when it has already taken so long.. So some time even that so called hope also seems to get blurred..

So, again question arises to hold on or to let it go? And the battle of heart and mind starts again..