When too many things running in our mind , when we are facing too many different feelings at the same time and when we are forced to face so many situations at the same time, it becomes harder to KEEP IT SIMPLE..

This is the very first reaction of any human being in general.. We get tensed, afraid, unsorted, irritated..

But does it mean that we should stop facing the circumstances?? No. Not at all.

We must first try to sort out it by our own and it has so many ways to do so..

First of all stop being panic or irritated, calm your mind, sit in silence allow your self first to think exactly what is the main thing that is troubling you? And this applies in both the circumstances, be it your personal relationship or your professional life.. Find out the root cause which is making you indecisive, and be honest to yourself first, find that gut feeling where you can say that Yes! This is what is troubling me..Then ask your self why I am allowing this to trouble me? Is it that worthy? And be honest with your self first..

For example in a relationship if you are feeling indecisive than ask your self what is the main thing which is making you indecisive? Is it the behavior, morals, career or the nature of the other person? Once you pin point the cause then decide can I make adjustments in that particular area which is not so satisfying according to you? No one in this planet is 100%. It is you who have to decide which quality you don’t want to compromise into this..

Ideally in matter of heart people should think emotionally and in professional matters it should be practically, but sometimes unfortunately people do somewhat opposite..

So, in the matter of relationship if you are thinking practically, considering pros and cons then its obvious you are gonna be indecisive.. But still there is a scope to decide. Then think either totally practically or totally emotionally. If thinking only emotionally then ask your self Does the other person is absolutely emotionally fulfilling? Does your Soul can be in peace when you are with him/her? If the answer comes Yes, then no matter how different the other person practically, be his/her family status, financial status, career, etc.. You have to compromise the other practical things.. And if answer is No then one should walk out as soon as possible, otherwise both will have to suffer.. And before making any decision don’t forget to involve the other person as well, and also ask the other person what he/she thinks on this matter..

And if thinking practically there is no need to think emotionally as well, because this time your priority is not emotional fulfillment otherwise you would not have chosen practical way in matter of heart..

And if the matter is regarding your professional career, then in this also evaluate the situation, why I am into this? Is it my efforts that are not up to the mark or is it my efforts are going in wrong direction? Or Is it your fear of disappointment or fear of failure or fear of rejection? Or it is something else. The best way is counselling..  Go to the person who is well experienced in your field, on whom you can trust, who can give you right advice and can show you the truth where you were wrong, what you should do further and can plan something for you strategically.

Yet the best way in both the cases is having  LONG, DEEP AND MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION with the concerned persons.. Conversation is the best way to keep every thing simple and sorted.. As far as those conversations are Honest Conversations..

I know for some it is not easy to start such discussions, but one have to if they want to get rid of confusion or indecision.. The reason behind is sometime when we alone keep on thinking over certain issues, we actually make it Complicated by Overthinking every thing, because at that time you are the only one who is listening you and you are the only person who is answering you, so you don’t get the real answer sometimes..Try to involve at least one or two trustworthy persons, whom you know will never hurt you, never blame you for what you did and never make fun of you for your mistake.. Because we are humans, we all make mistakes and make wrong decisions, it is natural.. So the involvement of other person will let you think from different perspective and you will be able to see the hidden side of that situation.. Because sometimes we can’t see the things with our own degree of vision but if try to see it through the other persons degree things may appear clear..

So all I can say is discuss the situation with the concerned persons, without hesitation, fear of the outcome, right or wrong or being blamed..Be it your personal or professional life, just try to sort out things by discussing your point of view and also other person’s point of view.

Healthier the discussion, more chances to make right decision at right time.. Thus trying to Keep everything and every situation sorted and simple..