Passion makes us optimistic

When you are passionate about something, you see the possibility of happening that very event in every circumstances, no matter how stupid it may sound. Perhaps it's that passion which makes us optimistic. And that passion can be for anything... Continue Reading →


We’ve forgotten… 

We've forgotten how utterly freeing honesty can be. When you just walk up to someone who vibes with your heart to tell them that, “Hey, I may not know you, but I want to. Because somehow my soul feels a... Continue Reading →

इससे ज़्यादा ओर क्या भजु भगवन को…

मन जानते हुए भी, दिल को नहीं समझा पाता ।  सारी उम्मीदों के बूज़ जाने के बाद भी, कही ना कही एक चिंगारी सी दिल में जलती है कि क्या पता अब कोई चमत्कार हो जाए।  जबकि जानती हूँ ऐसा... Continue Reading →

આ તે કેવો (અ)ન્યાય? 

રોજ રોજ તારી પ્રાર્થના કરી હે પ્રભુ!  વાટ જોઈ તારા ચમત્કારની પળ પળ,   આપ્યું છે તે ઘણું બધાંય ને તેની ક્ષમતા કરતા,  તો શાને મારી પોકારથી વંચિત હે પ્રભુ!  તારા શરણે જે આવે તેનો તું કરે ન્યાય,  તો મારી... Continue Reading →

Oh Lord.. 

Tired. Defeated. Disappointed. When all efforts are not enough I lost. But still I don't want to give up. All these days I was there for you, to love you, to support you, to care for you but you didn't... Continue Reading →


To have someone in your life whom you have always wanted to be in your life it's your fortune. But if not so what one can do?  I don't have the answer to it but the only thing which I... Continue Reading →

Self Note 

Sometimes you witness something that can't be unseen. Be it a Truth, Love, Hatred or a Soul...  - Esha Shastri 

For how long? 

How long will it take to be everything as desired?  How long will it take for God to make it happen what we are praying to him from so long?  For how long God test one's faith over him and... Continue Reading →

Time has moved on but not you.. 

"Sometimes we don't want let anyone know in fact not even to  your own self, but no matter how many conscious efforts you make, there are moments that you just can't stop missing some people.. You keep on missing and... Continue Reading →

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